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Sound Lion Records L.L.C (SLR), is a U.S based independent record label established to promote talented African artists around the globe.  We have partnership with other establishments in ensuring that our talented artists receives the best service possible. Sound Lion Records currently have representative in the United States, Europe and Ghana. We have wide reaching network of promoting our artists. Aside signing artists, we offer services such as music promotion, music/video distribution and marketing. Our main goal is to discover and promote talented African artists home and abroad. 

Nana Kottens Tunes Publishing(NKTP), is the music publishing arm within Sound Lion Records that is responsible for proper administration of musical compositions: registering copyrights, filing necessary information to mechanical and performing rights organizations, negotiating licenses, and collecting royalties. NKTP is licensed via Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). 

Meet Nana Kottens, CEO/Founder 

Lewis Kofi Nana Antwi also known as Nana Kottens is Ghanaian born singer/songwriter/ record producer/chief executive officer for Sound Lion Records & Nana Kottens Tunes Publishing. He founded the label with his friend John Ocran to help promote talented African artists around the globe. In addition to his talented music and business acumen, Nana Kottens is a commissioned officer in the United States Uniformed Services and a respected public health professional. He started his undergraduate education at Regional Maritime Academy studying Marine Engineering. He obtained his first degree in Business Management & Master of Arts Executive Leadership from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. He obtained Master of Public Health Environmental Health Science & Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene from New York Medical College. 

As the CEO, his vision is to promote talented African artists around the globe, and also use music to raise awareness to social and public health issues engulfing our societies. For any business partnership/opportunities please email :

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