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Newly Released Songs: 
Never Scared of Trying Album 
 Lelele EP-coming out July 28, 2023 
Bra by Ashango Ft Kofi Nti 


Behind the scene _Mama Don't Give Up_
Meet Charles Frelix 
Charles Frelix was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL and is where Charles received most of his musical influence. At a very young age, he learned how to read percussion music and play by ear, which eventually landed him on different bands and shows. Whilst in Chicago, Charles found his lifelong passion, Juvenile Justice to which he gained a master's degree in Criminal Justice and another in Leadership. He also worked in law enforcement as protection for the U.S Department of Energy, as police officer, and as a federal correctional officer. He also served in the U.S Navy as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman (FMF). Mr. Frelix completed his undergraduate education at Governors State University and masters degrees at Grand Canyon University. 
He currently serves as a Special Advisor to SLR's addiction and opioid awareness global campaign and was featured in the "Mama Don't Give Up" music video.

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