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Meet Multi-Talented Musician, Producer & Songwriter Akinjo

Akinwunmi Joseph Olusegun also known as Akinjo is a Nigerian musician, writer, dancer, spoken word artist and music producer. He is best known for his debut single titled “Africana” also produced by him. He has produced songs for various artists such as Church boy - Dutty luving, BanjiArewa - Ginger me, Kholacy - Koto and many more unreleased songs too...

He is also known for his music motivations; a concept he adopted by making spoken word videos from music he listens to e.g Uncle Suru ft. Akinjoe ; The African mentality about leveling up.

He also made soundfx and soundtracks for the movie “The Suspect” a soap opera series by rivulets media.

Other than Entertainment, Akinjo is also a business guru (The CEO of A.Sol Skincare) a company he started in school after graduating as a pure and applied chemist from Ladoke Akintola university of technology. In addition he has found other interest too as a farmer.

Best quote: when the best simply isn’t enough the perfect fit you need is Akinjo!

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