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Nana Kottens Releases Official Music Video for New Single"Call Girl"

Sound Lion Records recording artist Nana Kottens has officially released music video for his latest single “Call Girl”. The song is a single from his upcoming studio album “ Never Scared of Trying” which is scheduled to be released on June 30, 2023.

The video created by Sound Lion Records, USA in association with Zaahi Studios and Camsun Motion and Entertainment was shot in Indianapolis, IN. It was directed by Michael Camphor, produced and edited by Daniel Sung. Costumes for the video shoot was provided by Beauties Boutique and Eliba Collections.

The song was written out of the concept of stereotyping, gossiping and spreading fake news about innocent people. As you may notice, the video starts with a quote by George Eliot “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. He emphasized that, the song “ Call Girl” is a story, that reflects on what is going on in our societies . The song was produced by Lewis Kofi Nana Antwi (Nana Kottens), written by Lewis Antwi and David Lowe (Lowekey). The beats was produced by 2X platinum hit producer Isaiah Darty & Lewis Antwi. The song was recorded, mix and mastered by Sound Engineer Carey Goodspeed at Azmyth recording studio, Indianapolis, IN, USA, with Brandon Strode serving as a contributing Sound Engineer.

Watch the full music video and lets us know what you think.

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