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Sound Lion Records Newly Released Music Video" Mama Don't Give Up" Addresses Addiction

Almost every community in the U.S and in fact throughout the world battles opioid addiction. In the U.S alone, drugs kill on average of 130 everyday, and the fight against the problem affects the U.S economy by an estimated $ 78 billion a year, according to

The song is aimed to educate the masses on addiction and the importance of support for individuals and families struggling with addiction. Love ones do hold a great deal of influence in the life of a person struggling with drugs or alcohol.

The song has a slower vibe that will help elicit emotion from the listener, with the hope that it will lead to personal reflection and spur conversations with loved ones. It’s also the first version of the song. The addiction awareness campaign will continue for the next 12 months with various songs featuring different artists around the world. The next release is schedule in May 2020.

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