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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Portable Music Teacher

Learning to play a musical instrument is fun for adults and kids of all ages. However, music lessons can be costly, not to mention hard to fit into your schedule. Fortunately, in-person lessons aren’t always necessary, thanks to smartphone apps and online tutorials. These days, you can learn how to play just about any instrument with a little help from technology.

Apps offer a wealth of possibilities, but many people find their phones or tablets useless without a little help. A cookbook holder is one way to keep your screen at the right position, and you can find different designs to go with your studio space. Another idea is a popsocket, which not only allows you to prop up your phone while you’re playing music, but also makes phone use convenient and comfortable when you’re doing other activities. They, too, come in many styles for self-expression, and you can even snag a vent mount for when you’re in your vehicle.

You have hundreds of different apps to help you learn to play an instrument. Sound Lion Records offers a few popular favorites we think you should consider.

Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course

For budding guitar players, the Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course is a must. This is a karaoke-style play-along app that gives you the satisfaction of being able to play songs with a backing track right from the very start. You'll find hundreds of songs across multiple genres, exclusive video lessons, and other tools to help you develop your guitar skills.


Another cool guitar-learning app that you'll love is Uberchord. This app features various modes to boost your skill level, but the most interesting is the chord trainer. The technology allows this app to "listen" to you play. It then offers instant analysis, real-time feedback, finger correction, and much more. Uberchord is like having a real guitar teacher on your phone.


For something a bit different, try the Tunable app to assist with rhythm, timing, ear training, and breath support. This helpful app incorporates a recorder, tuner, tone generator, and metronome into a very easy-to-use interface. You can set the difficulty level, as well as temperament and vibrato settings. Tunable monitors your playing habits during a recorded session, then provides feedback to help improve your skills. It works with voice, as well as a multitude of wind and string instruments including guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, and many more.

Tune Into Videos

You can also use your smartphone to subscribe to some of the best YouTube channels for learning to play an instrument. The YouTube channel for the aforementioned Justin Guitar along with the channel are two favorites for guitar. For piano lessons, try HDPiano. Web Music School delivers incredible drum lessons and Violin Tutor Pro is a top choice for budding violinists.

Reap the Benefits

Learning to play a musical instrument can improve your posture, enhance your listening skills, and boost your creativity. As Inc. explains, playing music is also great for your brain, strengthening memory and reading skills. Musical training seems to boost mental alertness, decision making, problem-solving, and information processing and retention as well. And to top it all off, numerous studies indicate a link between playing music and enhanced mathematical abilities.

Music is enjoyed by people of all ages and from every walk of life. No matter if you start learning to play a musical instrument at age 7 or at age 70, you can enjoy the experience and reap the benefits. With a little help from smartphone apps and other technology, you can easily begin making beautiful music in no time.

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